About Us

Towpath Trail is a non-traditional high school serving students who would traditionally be enrolled in grades 9-12. These students may have fallen behind in earning credits, had difficulty passing state required tests, are at risk of dropping out of school, or just need a new environment in which they can succeed.

Towpath Trail students do not enroll in specific grade levels, but rather in the "Towpath Trail School." We target the population of students whose educational needs have not been met at any meaningful level. Towpath Trail is an alternative for the non-traditional student. The Towpath Trail model catches students that are falling through the cracks and empowers the community by providing the community with more meaningful contributions by their adult citizens.

At Towpath Trail, the individual child comes first and we are focused on helping them achieve to their potential. Educating our children is important to us because we realize that today's students are tomorrow's leaders. Their success is our future.

We recognize that each student learns differently and our model allows for individual differences as each student moves towards graduation. Towpath Trail  offers the first, and sometimes only, opportunity for many families to choose the right school for their children. They have the chance to choose an alternative to their local high school, which may be overcrowded, underfunded, or perhaps dangerous. If a local school cannot meet a child's needs, Towpath Trail may be the appropriate school for that child. In fact, many students thrive with the special attention and alternative methods employed by Towpath Trail.

Educational excellence motivates everyone at Towpath Trail. Even though we make the success of each individual child our primary goal, we're still governed and held accountable by the same controls that manage all district schools in Ohio.

Another unique feature of Towpath Trail is the program's flexible hours.   Our schedule gives students the opportunity to attend one of two daily sessions, giving each student time to balance their personal lives that often include family and employment responsibilities.

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