Our Team

Erin Bennett
Educators: Title 1 Reading

Erin Bennett received both her bachelor’s in Secondary Education and her master’s in Literacy from The University of Akron. During her... Read More

Lakesha Brock
Administrators: Family Advocate
Lakesha Brock graduated from The University of Akron in 2004 with a  bachelor's degree in Social Work.  Mrs. Brock was one of... Read More
Megan Caranna
Administrators: Assistant Director

Megan Caranna is the Assistant Director at Towpath Trail High School.  Mrs. Caranna graduated from The University of Akron in 2009 with... Read More

Alexis Valley
Educators: Intervention Specialist

Alexis Valley has been an Intervention Specialist for four years. Mrs. Valley graduated from Ohio University in 2010 with a Bachelor's... Read More

Magdalena Djuric
Educators: Math

Magdalena Djuric is a math teacher at Towpath Trail High School. Before moving to the USA, she studied Mathematics and Computer Science at... Read More

Tina Egbert
Administrators: Educational Management Information System (EMIS) Specialist

Tina Egbert is the  Educational Management Information System (EMIS) Specialist for Towpath and has 12 years experience in the field.... Read More

Robert Garnett II
Administrators: Vocational Specialist

Robert Garnett II attended the University of Cincinnati, where he received a Bachelor Degree in Business Marketing & Management. He... Read More

Angie Gilkerson
Educators: Intervention Specialist

Angie Gilkerson has been an Intervention Specialist for two years. Ms. Angie graduated from Kent State University with a Bachelor’s of... Read More

Ashley Haas
Administrators: School Psychologist

Mrs. Haas is the Psychology Assistant at Towpath Trail High School. She obtained her master's degree in Clinical Psychology from Cleveland... Read More

Emily Whitman
Educators: English

Emily Whitman earned a Bachelor of Science in Education degree from Kent State University.  She moved to South Carolina and taught high... Read More

Christina Fraser
Administrators: Director

Christina Fraser has been an educator for over fourteen years and holds both a bachelor's and a master's degree in secondary education from... Read More

Daniel Loesch
Educators: Math

Daniel Loesch has a Bachelors degree in Integrated Mathematics as well as a minor in Applied Mathematics, both from the University of Akron... Read More

Dionta Mitchell
Administrators: Retention Specialist

Dionta Mitchell is a Truancy Officer/Retention Specialist at Towpath Trail High School.  Mr. Mitchell  earned his associate's... Read More

Jim Niamtu
Educators: Social Studies

Mr. Niamtu was employed for 16 years at the Stark Metropolitan Housing Authority in Canton, Ohio. In 2001, Mr. Niamtu graduated magna Cum... Read More

Michele Oliver
Educators: Intervention Specialist

Michele Oliver is in her first year of teaching as an intervention specialist. Michele has an Associates of Applied Science degree in Sign... Read More

Sacha Parson
Administrators: Retention Specialist

Our Retention Specialist, Ms. Sacha, graduated from The University of Akron in 2011 with a BA in Family and Child Development and... Read More

Ritu Jayaswal
Educators: Social Studies

Ritu Jayaswal has been in education for fifteen years in one capacity or another.  She has taught for twelve years and worked as an... Read More

Crystal Scott
Administrators: Enrollment Specialist

Ms. Crystal has been our Enrollment Specialist for 4 yrs.  She earned her B.A. Business Management from Hiram College and has over 15... Read More

Sylwia Thorne
Educators: English as a Second Language

Sylwia Thorne has been an educator for over nine years and holds a master’s degree in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages... Read More

John Whitman
Educators: Visual Arts

John Whitman earned a Bachelor of Science in Art Education degree from Kutztown University.  He worked in South Carolina as a public... Read More

David Widner
Educators: Science Teacher

Dave Widner is a science teacher at Towpath Trail High School.  He previously served the community at the Stark County Board of... Read More